Aside from the following special betting rules, the common betting rules apply. The special rules will take precedence over the common rules nevertheless.

1.) If one or both horses are non-runners the Head-to-Head is void. On the Norwegian trotting website ( a non-runner is denoted by the letters “ST” next to the horse's name, and the horse will be at the bottom of the list. On the Swedish trotting website ( you will see the word “strukna” at the bottom of the list and any non-runners will be listed there. On the Danish site ( a non-runner will be at the bottom of the list, have a number from 1-99 and the letters “udg” in the odds column.

2.) If both horses are disqualified or do not finish the Head-to-Head is void. In Norwegian trotting a disqualified horse will have the letters “DG” next to it, and a horse that did not finish will have the letters “BR”. In Swedish trotting both are denoted by the letter “d” in the column where the finishing position is usually found. In Danish trotting, a disqualified horse will be denoted by “Dg” and a horse that did not finish will be denoted by “Dist”.
If only one horse is disqualified or does not finish, the other is declared the winner.

3.) In Norwegian trotting, if neither horse receives a place number, the one with the fastest time (“Saml Tid”) is declared the winner, unless they have the exact same time in which case the bet is rated as Dead Heat.

4.) In Swedish trotting, the times are not shown, so the horse closest to the top of the list will be the winner (it has been listed first because it was slightly faster than the other).