Aside from the following special betting rules, the common betting rules apply. The special rules will take precedence over the common rules nevertheless.

1.) Team to Progress (team to reach the next round etc.): These bets apply to the game result including overtime and penalty shootout.

2.) Playing Time: If the format of a match is changed for whatever reasons from 2 x 45 minutes to 3 x 30 minutes then all bets stand except all bets that refer to either the first or the second half.

3.) Team to be Relegated: This bets relates to the teams, which occupy the relegation places at the end of the season. All future changes, which may occur for whatever reason, are deemed irrelevant for this bet.

4.) We accept singles and upwards on bandy matches:

The following rules apply:

  • All bets settled on 90 minutes play unless otherwise stated (excluding Overtime).
  • If 90 minutes play is not completed - all bets are void unless an official result is declared.
  • Should 3 x 30 minute periods be played instead of 2 x 45 minute periods - bets will be settled on 90 minutes play.

5.) Postponed matches: Any bets on a game not played on the scheduled date or played at a different venue, at the time the bet was struck, will be declared void.