Main Game


In orden to play this game it will be required to have enough bonus and credits. Whenever a prize is obtained, unless it is a blue 7 prize, the player will be offered to either risk a portion of the prize or to collect it, until there are no more portions left. Choosing to risk a portion may allow the player to either obtain the double of that portion or the equivalent value of that portion in bonus.

Upper game


In the game, each prize could either be risked, by pressing the play button, or to be collected, by pressing the collect button. In case the prize is risked, it will either be given the amount of a one level higher prize or the equivalent amount of bonus. Once the line of the three bells in reached, the game becomes an up down, where the possible prizes go up or down in the prize plan.


The advance function allows the player to move reels forward one place seeking a winning combination. The number of advances can be between 1 and 4


Allows up to two reels to be held up during a game to increase the probability of getting prize.

A mini Games accessed randomly when you get certain paylines.

Bonus Game 1


3 hats in main game give access to compass game

Bonus Game 2


3 crowns in upper game give access to crow game

Bonus Game 3


3 bags in upper game give access to bags game

Bonus Game 4


3 apples in upper game give access to apples game

: 13/11/2018