Gates of Babylon

 About the game

Gates of Babylon is a 5-reel, 40 lines video slot feature accumulated wilds, free spins, and missions.

Theoretical payout is 96.18% to 97.29%.

Game Features

Wild Symbols

GOLD COIN symbols are wild and substitute for all other symbols except BONUS symbols and SILVER COIN symbols.  WILD symbols and FULL COLUMN WILD symbols are wild and substitute for all other symbols except BONUS symbols, GOLD COIN symbols, and SILVER COIN symbols.

Free Spins Bonus

When 3 BONUS symbols appear, the game initiates the FREE SPINS BONUS with 10 initial free spins.  During the FREE SPINS BONUS, each SILVER COIN symbols may appear on columns 2 and 4.  For each SILVER COIN symbol that appears, 1 extra free spin is awarded.

GOLD COIN symbols appear on columns 1, 3, and 5 during the free spins.  Each of these columns has a counter of RUBIES that increments for each GOLD COIN that appears during a free spins bonus.  For each FREE SPINS BONUS awarded, the counters are separate from the counters in the base game and begin from 0 GOLD COIN symbols collected.  When the counter for a column reaches 3, then a FULL WILD COLUMN symbol is applied over the column and it remains applied for all remaining free spins.

If a FREE SPINS BONUS is awarded while a WILD COLUMN feature is active in the base game, the WILD COLUMN feature is not applied to the free spins.


Missions are features in which one or several symbols are collected during a number of spins and an award is paid for the final number of matching symbols collected on all spins until there are no more spins in the mission. Missions are available in 3 categories, each of which is indicated by its respective MISSION CATEGORY ICON,

  • for the total number of wild symbols collected, including WILD symbols, GOLD COIN symbols, and each position in a column of FULL COLUMN WILD symbols in the free spins, as indicated by the WILD MISSION ICON.  WILD COLUMN feature positions in the base game do not count toward the total of wild symbols.
  • for the number of CHARACTER symbols collected, as indicated by the CHARACTER SYMBOLS MISSION ICON. CHARACTER symbols includes KING,QUEEN,PRINCESS, and SOLDIER symbols
  • for the total number of BONUS SYMBOLS and SILVER COIN symbols collected, as indicated by the BONUS SYMBOL MISSION ICON

There are 4 mission levels, each of which has a different duration and prize table and is indicated by its respective MISSION LEVEL ICON,

  • BRONZE, indicated by the BRONZE MISSION ICON, over which symbols are collected for 30 paid spins,
  • SILVER, indicated by the SILVER MISSION ICON, over which symbols are collected for 50 paid spins,
  • GOLD, indicated by the GOLD MISSION ICON, over which symbols are collected for 75 paid spins,
  • PLATINUM, indicated by the PLATINUM MISSION ICON, over which symbols are collected for 100 paid spins.

Spins in the FREE SPINS BONUS are not deducted from the mission spins.

Each mission has a category and a level. Only one mission is active at a time.

The MISSION DISPLAY panel shows

  • the current active mission, as indicated by the MISSION LEVEL ICON and MISSION CATEGORY ICON displayed,
  • the number of spins remaining in the mission displayed within the SPIN SYMBOL icon,
  • the number of symbols currently collected in the active mission,
  • the progress of the number of symbols collected compared to the number of spins required to reach the next highest prize available from the MISSION PAYTABLE.

When there are no spins remaining in the current active mission, if the number of symbols collected corresponds to a prize according to the MISSION PAYTABLE then that prize is awarded after the last spin in the mission. A new mission is selected and displayed to the player.

If a player changes bet, the player begins a new mission in the same category and level as was previously active, but with progress set at 0, if no progress has been accumulated to the mission at the new bet, or to the saved mission progress for the active mission, if the player has previously collected symbols toward the new active mission without finishing it.

Players can enter the MISSION CONTROLS by pressing the "i" icon on the MISSION DISPLAY panel. In the MISSION CONTROLS panel, a player can view the MISSION PAYTABLE for the current mission, select to change the current active mission, or view saved missions.

To select a new active mission, press the horizontal tab with the MISSION CATEGORY ICON for the category desired and select the vertical tab with the MISSION LEVEL ICON for the level desired. By selecting a new mission, the current active mission will the saved and is available to resume under the SAVED MISSION tab. If a mission with the same level, category, and bet has already been started and not finished, then that mission is resumed by selected the appropriate mission with the bet in the game set to the game corresponding to the saved mission.

To view saved missions, press the vertical tab labeled SAVED MISSIONS. All missions with progress saved and with level corresponding to the current selected mission level will be displayed. Each saved mission is displayed with the MISSION LEVEL ICON, the MISSION CATEGORY ICON, the number of symbols required for the next prize, the bet for the mission, the number of spins left in the mission, the number of symbols already collected in the mission, and the prize for reaching the next paytable threshold. Select a saved mission by pressing the display for the desired mission. By selecting a saved mission the bet will automatically be set to the bet for the selected mission.

When you have selected a new or saved mission as the new active mission, press the ARROW symbol button or the CLOSE SYMBOL button to close the MISSION CONTROLS display and resume the game.

Payline wins pay in succession from leftmost to right.

Only the highest win per bet line is paid.

The separate payline wins will be displayed on the payline wins during the win presentation.

Malfunction in the game voids all pays.

: 08/04/2019